Psicostat at "XXV Congresso AIP Sezione Sperimentale - Milan, San Raffaele"

18-20 September 2019

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PSICOSTAT research group took part at the 25th Conference of the Italian Association of Psychology (AIP), Experimental Psychology section. Our contributions included:

  • Design analysis: prospective e retrospective
  • Giulia Bertoldo, Gianmarco Altoè, Claudio Zandonella Callegher, Enrico Toffalini, Antonio Calcagnì, Livio Finos & Massimiliano Pastore

  • A Bayesian approach to data analysis in psychology, state of the art and perspectives
  • Massimiliano Pastore & Antonio Calcagnì

  • Experts' knowledge elicitation
  • Claudio Zandonella Callegher, Enrico Toffalini & Gianmarco Altoè

  • A Bayesian model for data on cerebral connectivity based on latent distance models.
  • Emanuele Aliverti

  • Bayesian approach in the investigation of the relationship between sensitivity to disgust for body odors and attitudes
  • Marco Tullio Liuzza

    More information and conference's abstracts (in Italian) are available here.

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