Statistical software

Calcagnì, A., Pastore M. ssMousetrack: Bayesian State-Space Modeling of Mouse-Tracking Experiments via Stan. R package available at CRAN.

Finos L. with contributions by Klinglmueller F., Basso D., Solari A., Benetazzo L., Goeman J. and Rinaldo M. Collection of functions for text mining, especially devoted to the Italian language. Library available on GitHub.

Finos, L., Goeman, J., Wouter, W., Rosenblatt, J., Solari, A. ARIbrain: All-Resolution Inference R package available at CRAN.

Finos, L., Klinglmueller, F., Basso D., Solari, A., Benetazzo L., Goeman, J. flip: Multivariate Permutation Tests. R package available at CRAN.

Pastore M. overlapping: Estimation of Overlapping in Empirical Distributions. R package available at CRAN.

Pastore, M., Altoè, G. influence.SEM: Case Influence in Structural Equation Models. R package available at CRAN.

Zandonella Callegher C., Pastore, M., Andreella, A., Vesely, A., Toffalini, E., Bertoldo, G., Altoè, G. (2020). PRDA: Conduct a Prospective or Retrospective Design Analysis R package available at CRAN

Pastore, M., Lombardi, L. sgr: Sample Generation by Replacement. R package available at CRAN.

Zandonella Callegher, C., Toffalini, E., & Altoè, G. Eliciting Effect Size - Shiny App (Version V1.0.0). Shiny App available on GitHub